Thursday, June 4, 2020

Greensboro Science Center

We drove up to Greensboro from Charlotte on Thursday, February 20th and we drove right to the Greensboro Science Center. The schools down there didn't have February vacation that week like we did, and it was cold that day with snow in the forecast, so it wasn't crowded at all. Places like this are so much better without big crowds. It was a very nice science museum, aquarium, zoo, and more.

I love aquariums; I find them so relaxing! Even with the sharks! 🦈

Sam and a cute little penguin who was looking right at me. How cooperative of him (or her)!

This reminded me of the penguins at SeaWorld

Moon jellies: heartless, brainless beauties.

John went through a big fish phase when he was a toddler/preschooler in which we both memorized a lot of different kinds of fish. Since then the lion fish has been one of my favorites. 

 Those colors! 😍 

Angelfish are nice, too.

 I don't think I'd ever seen a turtle with such a long neck!

Not my child, but I like this picture.

Eels are so creepy. 

This was a fun room. Sam did this experiment many, many times (and I have the videos to prove it).

Blasts from my past!

I think komodo dragons are one of the closest living things we have to dinosaurs. At least they look like they are.

 Remember Sam's big snake phase? He still likes them, but I never will. I'll take fish, thanks! 


This massive alligator snapping turtle was so funny. It was just standing there like this when we first saw it, so I actually thought it was a statue because it just stayed like this without moving. We couldn't figure out if it was real or not until it finally moved.

 It was so big! I'd die if I came across one of these in a lake! 

Look, an owl! 😄

We went outside and around the zoo, but most of the animals weren't out because it was really cold and it was about to snow. We got to see these two majestic tigers, though. I think they were waiting for their food. 

 These two beautiful peacocks were strutting around the grounds.

 We had signed the boys up to do SkyWild, the up-in-the-trees-rope course that's there, and they got all geared up and ready to go, but the snow and the cold ended up cancelling it, so we had to reschedule it, which meant that we got to come back a few days later when the weather was a lot nicer. Which brings me to our second and final trip to the Greensboro Science Center, when it was A LOT more crowded but it didn't matter because we were there just for SkyWild this time.

The boys had a blast! They do really well with these things, especially John. They're not in this picture, this is just to show some of the course. I took a walk through the zoo while the boys were gearing up because a lot more of the animals were out that day.

Meerkats are so cute!  
 Gentle giants (I hope)

Back to the boys! This is John. He did the advanced course.

This shows how far up he was above the ground.
I honestly don't know if I could do this. John does it without thinking twice but I'd be pretty spooked to be doing that up so high.
 John looks like he's just standing there in the air!

 If you've ever wanted to go sledding in the sky, this is one way to do it! 

John on a rickety bridge

 John navigating these crazy loops. I think he said this was the hardest thing on the course.

 John climbing across the chairs. I thought that was a particularly creative part of the course.

 John next to his spirit animal 😄

And not to be forgotten, here's Sam! He did the intermediate courses. 

And finally, two of my favorite pictures from the Science Center and rounding out our two trips there, I give you this beautiful, elegant white peacock.

I highly recommend the Greensboro Science Center and SkyWild if you're ever in the area. They're both very well done!