Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Forgotten Photos of October

I made a startling, happy discovery last week--I hadn't uploaded pictures from my camera (my actual camera) in awhile and there were pictures on there from the last week or so of October, including the missing ones of Sam's clean and organized room (post to come tomorrow), Halloween (I've now updated that post with the missing pictures--go there to see them, including a funny one of my mom in a hippie costume!), and more pictures of the fall foliage in my yard. It's time for their moment in the sun, which leads me to...

I liked the way the sun was shining through the trees in the backyard one morning.  

This was a different day when the colors were really popping back there! 😍

And on a different, sunnier day (or maybe it was the same day and it was just sunny later on).


 And last but not least, a pumpkin family to mimic ours! This was on display for most of the month.