Friday, March 27, 2020

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Pandemic Edition

Things that made me happy in March

I had to laugh when I came across this "list" in the back of my planner this week:


And that pretty much sums up the crazy month of March!

But there were some things that were good, particularly four things in a row at the beginning of the month that I never wrote down because soon after they happened the pandemic came to America and I forgot all about this list. So I will list them now--things that made me happy in March 2020:

Book club. It was especially fun this month. Maybe it knew that we needed a really good one because we wouldn't be able to meet again for awhile.

Going to the movies with friends to see Emma. It was good! And it was my first time eating at a dine-in theater, which was fun.

Going to a Jane Austen Tea Party with two of my friends. It was "excessively diverting" and was the last social/friends/fun thing I did before social distancing arrived.

John's 15th birthday

Getting our invisible pet fence and garage door problems fixed literally the day before this all went down. What a relief not to have had the added stress of dealing with those this month! I also got new bedroom window treatments installed last week that have been wonderful for keeping out the morning light out at the crack of dawn. They look good too. (Pictures to come in a future post, hopefully in June.)

Having Peter home more than he's ever been. I've been wanting this to happen ever since he started his consulting job, albeit not under these circumstances.

Not having to go anywhere except the grocery store! The homebody in me is still pretty happy about that.

Getting caught up on all of the Hallmark movies and Frontlines in my DVR.

Weekly family movie nights have started happening again.

I made blueberry muffins from scratch for possibly the first time ever. I'm learning how to use sourdough starter. I'm making more homecooked meals than ever before. I'm planning a garden. It's Homemaking 101!

Most of the other things I'd been looking forward to in March got cancelled. But we did get a little snowstorm this week. It was all gone by the next day, but it was something!

Things I'm looking forward to in April

Well this list is going to be quite different from what it would have been if this awful coronavirus had never hit our shores. The boys aren't going back to school until May 4th so they'll be home all month. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but...oh wait yes I am. We had to cancel our April vacation to Virginia, which is so disappointing. But I think there are some good things in store for April...

The real arrival of spring and milder temperatures.

General Conference, more than ever before!

Easter (although we'll be celebrating it the way the heathens do, with no church 😈)

Going to the Cape house for a change of scenery (finally!?)

Planning and preparing to plant our first-ever vegetable and herb garden.

I truly hope and pray that in April we'll see a real turn-around of this virus in the U.S. and in the world, and that life will start getting back to normal sooner rather than later! 🙏