Thursday, April 23, 2020

A Few Other Christmasy Things

I hope you're enjoying this week's celebration of Christmas in April here on my blog. After all, we all "need a little Christmas" right now, more than ever! (Well, that, and this happens to be where I am in my catch-up plan right now! 😁)

This makes me laugh, because it's true! 😂

The biggest chocolate Santa I've ever seen! How would one even eat this? With a saw? 😋

On December 23rd we went to the Fatima Shrine to see the Christmas lights and displays. I hadn't done this since I was in high school. It was a nice mild evening and I enjoyed being there and seeing the lights and the various nativities. I'd like to start doing this every year.

With the way things are going and the lack of vacations being taken this year, this picture may end up being this year's Christmas card!

We got together with Peter's brother's family at their parents' house a few days after Christmas. If I had a daughter, she might look something like my cute niece Naomi!

Not the best picture, but notable because there are three generations on the couch here: Peter, his grandpa, and John. I like generational photos!

Gift time = Crazy time! 😵