Friday, April 24, 2020

My Babies at Christmastime

It's true, I sometimes call my two dogs and my cat my "babies." I'm one of "those people"...and I'm perfectly fine with that! 

A bum-grazing double nap. So cute! 😊

Here's Boo Boo wearing his holiday court jester "necklace." I've had this for a long time and it always adorns one of my dogs at Christmastime. Christy, my beloved dog from high school to 2010, used to wear it, and now another beloved dog continues the tradition and wears it too.  

A cute, festive picture of Bentwood under the tree. 

He loves laying under the tree at Christmastime, nestled among the presents. It's so sweet! If I were a cat that's where I'd hang out too.

Check out the name of this street I found!

Who's that girl? (I sing this song to Violet sometimes.)

Boo Boo and Violet on Christmas morning with their presents. I think they were more excited about their gifts than the boys were. 😆 

Relaxing and reading, surrounded by my four-legged friends and the lights of Christmas. 

I'm truly thankful for the blessing of animal companionship in my life! It's good for my soul!