Monday, March 9, 2020

Sam's 10th Birthday Family Party

It was John's birthday yesterday but since it's still September here on the blog I'm doing a post today about Sam's 10th birthday last September 😁. We had a family party with both sides of the family the Saturday before Sam's birthday to celebrate his entrance into the double digits!

My talented friend Meredith made a really cool Fortnite cake.

Nice mug, Sam 😑


I didn't take the best pictures that day, as you can see. 

John and Peter's mom are the same height now.

Cute Naomi

I loved Lizzy's sequin owl shirt. The owl's eyes could be open or shut. If there were an adult size of this shirt I'd definitely get it! 🦉




 Tomorrow I'll have pictures of Sam's actual birthday and of the fun thing that he chose to do (again!) for his birthday weekend.