Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Whale Watch

Last July the four of us went on a whale watch with Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises. Peter and John had never gone on one before, and Sam had done one with me when he was almost five but he didn't really remember it. (This is the link to that one five years ago.) So it was time to go for a family whale watch!

The views were pretty on the way out of the harbor. I really do love the Cape!

I wore this same shirt on my whale watch five years ago! It's perfect because it has a little pink and white whale print and it's lightweight but also provides good coverage from the sun. 

(Sam wasn't out on the deck with us at the time.)

 It's fascinating to me that a whole world exists under the water that we can't see. That's partly why it's so thrilling to see whales (and dolphins...but not sharks!) surface above the water. It's like seeing into another dimension of life on the planet earth.

We saw one whale that day but we saw her multiple times. She was very active. Her name was Diablo, and she put on quite a show for everyone! This was our first glimpse of her from afar.

Another whale-watching boat came over to (what else?) watch the whale. 

Here she was spouting out. 🐳 You could see it and hear it and it was almost like you could feel it.

An extremely fancy yacht sailed over to get in on the action. All three boats were good about not crowding the whale. Good sea creature etiquette was practiced all around.

I was impressed by the yacht--I wondered who owned it and what their life was like to be able to afford it. 
But I will hasten to add that I was genuinely more impressed by the whale! 

Here she was in the process of doing a deep dive. This "pose" always makes me think of the Loch Ness Monster! 😄

Wait for it...

I love seeing the whale's tail above the water like this with the water trailing off of it. 😍

She resurfaced a few minutes later. She did several dives and resurfacings while we were there.

That light green glow in the water is the white part under her mouth. It's so cool when you can see them just under the water like that.

Diving down again...


(The yacht was still there. 😄)

Adios Diablo! Thank you for letting us see you so much! We really enjoyed it! 

I hope it won't be another five years until my next whale watch! Maybe I'll see her again! 🐳