Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Three's (Not) a Crowd

The boys and I had a pleasant, peaceful week after everyone left after the Fourth of July weekend.

On Sunday evening we walked to the beach for some fresh sea air.

All three of us are in this one without it being a selfie or taken by someone else! The magic of shadows.

This picture turned out to be a winner! It made it onto the Christmas card.

He's still got it!

I sometimes feel inordinately proud of having a child who can walk on their hands. 🤷

I took some pictures of pretty things on our walk home.

On Monday we went out to lunch at Seafood Sam's. I've always liked that place, and not just because of the name. It has great food and an easy casual atmosphere where you order your food at the counter.


On Tuesday after ninja practice (at the ninja gym the boys go to on the Cape), we went to the mall for their annual ride on the carousel, which they've both done every summer of their lives.

They always go on this thing now instead of the horses so that they can spin around as fast as possible. 🤮

On Wednesday while the boys were at ninja practice, I went and got a pedicure. I liked how the color turned out and it lasted for weeks. This is one of the reasons I like getting pedicures more than manicures. 

On Thursday after dinner we went to Bayview Beach, which is one of our favorite local beaches.

Sam's legs curled up like this remind me of when he was a baby!

I love how this photo turned out. You get some really pretty views at this beach.

The eyebrows were looking good!

It was a nice week!