Sunday, June 21, 2015

My First Whale Watch

Last summer, my mom, Sam, and I went on a whale watch. For Sam and I, it was our first time doing one of these. And I'm happy to report that it was awesome! We went in the morning when it wasn't too hot, and the weather was clear and nice, and we had some really good whale sightings. It was so much fun! Whales are now one of my favorite animals, especially when it comes to decorating the Cape house.

We used Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises, sailing out of Barnstable. They did a good job.

Off we go!

The shoreline scenery was very picturesque as we sailed by.

This is a quaint little island near the mainland that has no electricity(!!).

Check out that wake! We were going so fast.

We were going out to sea, up past Provincetown (the tip of the Cape) and up to this area, which is a popular whale-watching spot:  

 Once we got out far enough, we started to see some whales. This was my first sighting. It reminded me of the Loch Ness Monster pictures. Only this was real, and it was no monster!

See the smooth circles on the water? That's a sure sign of a whale underneath.

Bubbling in the bottom left corner = whale about to surface...

...and there she is!

Going back down...

I love the whale tails sticking up out of the water as they dive back under! 

1. Stillness... 

2. A smooth oval appears on the water's surface...

3. And a whale appears.


A glowing green color under the water is another way to spot a whale. 
You can see this one's fin "glowing" under the water here.

I wore my cute whale-print shirt that day in honor of the occasion. 

One of my favorite pictures...

Sometimes it was hard to see everything that was happening because the whale(s) could be on the opposite side of the boat that you were on, so you'd have to rush over to the other side when one was spotted there, where there was usually already a crowd, not to mention the fact that the whale could already be underwater again by the time you'd get over there.

See what I mean? 
(Or rather, not see, because my view of the whale was blocked! It was okay though, because everyone got to see something.)

Getting ready to head back to land. I love the wide open sea!

Back in port. That big white boat in the back is the one we were on.

There were some very good whale sightings that I didn't really get to see, including a mom and her child, so I decided to buy the DVD of our specific whale watch so that I could see everything that happened. I took some pictures of the TV screen to include in my blog post. The pictures aren't nearly as good as my pictures of the actual event, but it works.

Can you see us below?

This was the mom and child whale pair that I mentioned...

I think the ribbed stripes on their bodies are cool!

It was such a great experience! This blog post does not do proper justice to how awesome it was. I highly recommend doing a whale watch at least once in your life. I'd definitely like to go on many more whale watches in the future!