Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Back to the Berkshires

Less than a month after my trip to the Berkshires with my friends, I went on a day trip there with my mom. It was done through a local school's adult education program so the itinerary and transportation and tour guides were taken care of. I love guided trips!

This little blurb pretty much tells everything we did. My photos can fill in the rest.

Up first was Ventfort Hall of the J.P. Morgan family in the lovely town of Lenox.

The house was rather dark, and one of my favorite features of it was this light-filled balcony off the main stairs. What a great reading and relaxing spot!

This double chair with the seats facing in opposite directions was so cool. I want one of these someday.

A few movies have been filmed here, including (a really oddly named) one with Aidan Turner, a.k.a. Ross Poldark. Ross was here! 😁

Pretty things I liked in Ventfort Hall: 

A mother of pearl, lace, painted silk fan. 

Cute! I have an enduring soft spot for teddy bears.

We had a lovely and delicious lunch at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge. I've been there several times in the past and I love its history.

It has a large beautiful front porch with lots of rocking chairs. It was really nice to sit out there and relax for a little while after lunch.

Fun things I photographed as we walked around Stockbridge:

I didn't know what Alice's Restaurant was and why it was significant. My mom enlightened me but I still don't totally get it. I guess I somehow missed the memo on that famous song!

Our last stop was at the Berkshire Botanical Gardens. It was nice, but by that point it was pretty warm out, so I wish we'd gone there as our first stop instead of the last.

I liked the flower-covered roof of this little shed. 

Pretty little vases in the gift shop.

It was a fun day with my mom! I'm starting to really like the Berkshires!