Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Our Room + Volcano Bay

Before I get to Volcano Bay, here are some pictures of our room. It was a nice 2-bedroom suite. I especially liked the boys' room.

My room.

John coming out of the bathroom 😆

The resort pool was huge! But we weren't headed there for the day; we were off to Volcano Bay.

Volcano Bay is Universal's awesome new waterpark. It was pretty close to the resort so we walked over and were able to go in and get our beach chairs before opening time, which was fortunate because it got crowded soon after opening and I would have suffered without a shady seat! 

I like pretending I'm in Hawaii when I'm here. Hawaii, someday I'll finally come to see you! For now I'll settle for this. 😊

There's a drop-floor body slide that goes down through that volcano that I will never do. The boys love it. Sam was excited to be big enough to do it this time.

Lest you think I sat on my beach chair and read my book the whole day, I will tell you that I only did that for half the day. 😁 I spent the morning with the boys going on slides, a really cool water coaster that went through the volcano, and down the lazy river. After lunch, I was ready to relax!

I actually look kinda cute in these selfies so I'll include them.

Another Christmas card pic (can you tell that I recently did our Christmas cards?).

I snapped these on our walk back to the resort.

Sam wanted this Harry Potter cup from the resort's gift shop. I said no, but took a picture of him with it.