Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Wet Berries

I took these photos on a rainy fall day in our yard in Iowa several years ago and have been meaning to do a blog post about them ever since. For some reason, it hasn't happened, I think partly because I envisioned writing a pretty little poem or a clever haiku to go with them. I'm not good at writing poetry, but I made this attempt, trying to do a haiku, but I couldn't get seven syllables for the second line and I didn't have the patience or the time to sit with it and figure it out, so I turned it into a little poetry verse instead. Behold the brilliance of my elementary school-level poetry. 😁 And enjoy these pretty pictures...finally!

Red berries in the fall
Dripping from the rain
Hanging from a tree
Pretty as can be

Incidentally, these photos make me feel so homesick for Iowa! I miss our house and our yard there (and our neighborhood, and schools, and stores, and community, and friends. Man, I really do miss it!).