Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Organizing Project : Storage Room (After)

The before pictures are here. And now, here's the storage room in all of its cleaned out, organized glory! 

Bentwood has a nice cozy corner for his things, as well as the rest of the room to wander around in. 

There's Bentwood and the kitty litter boxes! 😄 I put the kitty litter in the back of the room behind the HVAC things. The area over on the right with the boxes is for things I'm selling or giving away.

The storage containers are all holiday decorations, from Valentine's Day to birthdays to Christmas.

The bookshelves are for our Great Courses CD sets, college textbooks, some of my childhood books, and some other random books.

This is the baby/toddler/kid things area. It takes up a whole wall!

These are the boys' memorabilia bins. All of me and Peter's bins had to be lugged up two flights of stairs to the master bedroom closet, where there are two side storage closets that were coming up soon on my organizing projects list.

Food storage and emergency prep supplies. I like how this area turned out because it's easy to find things and everything is accessible.

It was so good to get this room cleaned out and organized! Although it can be arduous, I find it immensely satisfying to turn chaos into order. All of the work and time it took to do it was totally worth it!