Monday, November 4, 2019

Organizing Project : Storage Room (Before)

There was a big ugly secret hiding in our basement for months after we moved in to our new house last year. It was the completely chaotic mess in the storage room down there. Our poor cat Bentwood was living in disorganized squalor. It had to be addressed, and after I'd done other more visible things around the house, like hanging up pictures, I tackled the massive organizing project of the storage room from November into December. It took about six weeks and it was A LOT of work. But it was totally worth it and I was happy with how it turned out and to finally be done with it. 

Today I'm posting the scary "before" pictures. Tomorrow I'll post the much more pleasant "after" pictures.

There were baby/toddler/little kid things galore. Never mind the fact that I haven't had a baby or a toddler in many years. You never know what completely far-fetched miracle might happen (this is my long-held desire for four or three kids still talking). Or at the very least I can use these things for grandchildren, or foster children if I ever decide to do that. Anyway, all of that is why I still have all of this. (I did end up giving away some things.)

Boxes and other things were stacked almost to the ceiling. 😲

The storage room was the repository for furniture and things that I hadn't found a place for yet in our new house or hadn't been able to sell or give away yet.

Total randomness, everywhere.

Don't forget, I'm the storage container queen.

A pretty little fake plant menagerie in the midst of the chaos. An oasis of peace and calm. 😂

 It really was a huge organizing project with lots of mini organizing projects included: baby things, emergency supplies and food storage, holiday decorations, many bins of memorabilia from over the years (because I'm a saver, though I am getting better at being more selective about what I save), tools, books, baskets, and so on. No wonder this took six weeks and many hours of hard work. Tomorrow, the results!