Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Elms

Last December my mom and my sister Jennifer and I spent a day in Newport, Rhode Island touring three Gilded Age mansions that were decorated for the holidays. The first one we went to was The Elms, which was beautiful and elegant and and quite modest compared to the other two we saw later. Which is saying something because it was very nice and fancy! 

This was the back of the house. For some reason I didn't take pictures of the front, but it was similar to the back anyway.

I liked this juxtaposition of an old-fashioned fire hydrant with a new and modern one.

The biggest poinsettias I've ever seen!

The main hallway

I loved this cozy office and its glowing Christmas tree.  

This was on the terrace and I want one. This would be so comfortable to stretch out on and read and nap and it would be perfect for my daily newspaper reading!  

That ceiling! Those mouldings! 😍


The lady of the house was lovely.

The biggest painting I ever did see... 

Now that's what I call fine dining!

Another amazing ceiling...
I liked this bookshelf.

And this shelf/desk combo.

The old-fashioned toilets are so funny! They're kind of classy-looking too!

Me, Mom, and Jennifer in the fancy bathroom 😄

I liked this elegant, feminine bedroom. 

I love Nativity sets!

Another impressive bookshelf and writing desk combined. I'd love to have a piece like this in my house.

The servants' stairs. 

 This was a really nice design for china storage that looks down into a serving area below. 

The actual kitchen was down in the basement. Check out that hood!

Check out that giant mortar and pestle!

Check out that cute mouse! (Mice are only cute when they're fake.) 
I really enjoyed The Elms. It was beautiful! 

Next up: Marble House, home to the formidable Alva Vanderbilt!