Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Not Wet at The Met

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art the day after the rainy day. It was still crowded, but not as badly as the day before. Also helping matters was that we went earlier and we found a faster way to get in!

The Met is one of my favorite museums ever. I can't believe how many amazing things their vast collection has from history, not to mention the many beautiful works of art.

I was more excited about the Egyptian section than I'd ever been in the past, thanks to a fantastic new (to me) historical fiction mystery series about a female British archaeologist and her expeditions and misadventures in Egypt that I'd discovered through my friend Meredith. It's the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters and it's very well-written, funny, and smart. Those books are bringing ancient Egypt alive to me (and also making me wish I'd gotten a degree in archaeology!)

Sam continued to refuse to smile normally for pictures...

The boys found a hippo! An ancient blue hippo named "William"! 

 A little hippo collection from ancient Egypt! 

Surrounded by antiquities! 

 This is one of my favorite spots in the museum.

Look at those etchings!

I don't know how they got this over to America but it's amazing that they did.

 This is a suit of armor that was worn by King Henry the Eighth! I couldn't get over that! I'd been watching shows and listening to a lecture about him, and when I saw this, it was like, there he is! 


The swords were rather beautiful.

The smallest and cutest coat of armor I've ever seen.

Here's John picking up strategies for wrestling. 😄

Washington and Franklin, two of my favorite people from American history.

A beautiful bed from the American Federalist time period. 

In honor of Christmas, which had been four days earlier.
I've always loved this painting of Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware. This is the actual painting! 

Famous painting of a young Queen Victoria 💜 

I've always been in love with this kind of landscape art.

 This is a scene in western Massachusetts.

Sam needed a break from us for a little while. Do you see him?

 There she is! The famous Degas ballerina. 14 years old, same age as John.

 I got the boys a stuffed animal of William the hippo in the gift shop. That was one of their favorite things in the whole museum. 😄

 After spending most of the day at The Met, we went back to our hotel to rest and take it easy for a little while before dinner.

But the energy of the city had gotten to me and I didn't feel like resting, so I walked over to Saks Fifth Avenue to do a little shopping. Saks is nice but it's way too high-end for me. I'm not a big fan of huge department stores full of impractical, overpriced designer clothes. But they can be fun to wander through.

I liked this dress, and it wasn't as outrageously expensive as I expected it to be ($460!). 

 I liked this Cinderella doll that was specially designed for Saks Fifth Avenue. I may have liked it better than just about anything else I saw. I guess that shows how sophisticated I am. Ha ha!

 Walking back to the hotel. I can't get enough of the Chrysler Building! 
We ate dinner at a Korean grill. It was unique and really good! 

It was a fun day in New York!