Thursday, September 19, 2019

October 2018 Miscellanea

We went out to a nice dinner for my brother-in-law Adam's birthday. I'm so glad we can do things like this now that we live in Massachusetts.

Get a load of our spooky glowing white eyes!

This was in the police report in the town paper and I thought it was so funny:
 Those must have been some killer black flies! 😂

When de-cluttering is on your to-do list: 

Here's John following in my footsteps and wearing Hopkinton Hillers gear. I still couldn't believe we had moved to my hometown!

A rogue rainbow

Tummy rub time for Boo Boo!

Sam and his neighbor friend were excited for a few days about the prospect of setting up a table on the sidewalk and selling their origami. It didn't happen but it was a cute idea.

Some pictures of our still new to us home: 

The way the sun was shining in that morning was so pretty and peaceful.

A countertop perspective: