Wednesday, August 14, 2019

First Day of School 2018

The boys' first day of school in their new schools in their new school district in their new state was last year on Wednesday, August 29th. (And, I might add, their first day of school for this upcoming school year is exactly two weeks from today(!!).)

John was off to 8th grade at the middle school in the building that used to be my junior high and high school. I still think it's really cool that he was a new student going into the same grade at the same school as me exactly 25 years ago when I moved to this town. Same age, same grade, same school, same town, everything! I never thought that would happen!

Sam was (kind of) excited for his first day of third grade even though he didn't know anyone yet. My kids don't seem to get too nervous about school, which is nice.

I bought this cookie cake for the occasion, but it wasn't very good so I ended up throwing most of it away. You live, you learn. That's part of what education is all about, right!?