Friday, August 16, 2019

Five Things for Friday

1. We've been home from our month on the Cape for two weeks now, and it's been a little challenging (as usual) to adjust and get back into the swing of things. This past week especially I've felt like I've barely been able to keep above water, like I'm swimming through mud and can't seem to get and stay on top of things. August is typically a challenging month for me in this and other ways and sometimes I wonder if it a premonition type of thing, like that when I die, it will be in August. I hope not! Although it would be fitting, I suppose. 👻

2. Things that have gone wrong this week: John's week of High Adventure at Scout Camp was suddenly cancelled the evening before they were supposed to leave because of a human case of eastern equine encephalitis in the area of the camp, which was sad and disappointing and further muddled up my already muddled up life this month. On random mornings there's been a big puddle of water in front of the fridge, so I need to get that figured out and fixed. There's a big re-paving project happening on the street that my neighborhood is off of and it's been very inconvenient. Violet stole my french bread pizza off my plate and there went my meal. I continued to feel conflicted about the amount of time the boys have been playing Fortnite. I feel guilty for not using the pool with Sam when he's asked me to. That's an item on the summer bucket list that has been pretty neglected so far. Et cetera.

3. Things that have gone right this week: I wore some cute outfits. I love some of my summer clothes; they "spark joy" for me. I read a really good mystery, The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. The weather has been nice. I started exercising again after about six weeks off. The new sheets on my bed are very comfortable. I read a funny book with Sam. The new season of Grantchester ended on a better note than it started. I made my favorite brownies. I got stuff done. I enjoyed my friend Meredith's delicious chocolate peanut butter cake at book club last night. I'm going on a fun trip to Virginia and North Carolina with Peter and the boys (and have a lot to do today to get ready for it!). I watched a good, not-too-cheesy Hallmark movie (Sister of the Bride). 

4. Speaking of "brides," I got a funny email yesterday in which the sender made quite the blooper. 

Better get to it, bribes! 😂

5. This is the last thing I posted on Facebook before my monthly 10-day break from it. This makes me LOL!