Thursday, May 9, 2019

Professional Photos of the House

We got the house all fixed up and stripped bare of personality and got it catalog-ready for it to go on the market the last week of April last year. A photographer came and took pictures and most of them turned out really nicely. I've put my favorite ones in this post. All of the work and de-personalization was worth it because we got a full-price offer the very first weekend that it was on the market (for more details about that happy story, go here). 

Not my favorite exterior look for a house, but the inside makes up for it!

Drone photos!

The backyard was the best. Look at all that space! 

 The living room shone like the star of the house that it was with its slanted vaulted ceiling and all. It makes for an impressive, airy entry into the house.

The kitchen

The family room 

The office

The master bedroom

Master bathroom

 The basement 

I still disagree with the choice of our house stager and real estate agent to move the couch forward like that instead of back up against the kitchen island like it always was. I thought it cut the room off and made it look smaller, but they insisted. Oh well, it didn't matter in the end!

Basement kitchenette


 This lone photo of the backyard is underwhelming. This month I'll post some of my own that show what a beautiful backyard it really was, especially in the springtime!

I loved that house so much, and I miss it! Overall I like our new house better, but there are certain things about the Iowa house that can't be beat!