Thursday, April 25, 2019

Our Sweet Suite on the Ship

Peter sprang for a big roomy suite instead of a room on The Harmony of the Seas. It felt like a palace compared to the rooms we've gotten on the Disney Fantasy. Suites are more plentiful and more affordable on Royal Caribbean ships. The suite was what got us VIP access for special events like the meet-and-greet with the ship's officers on the helipad, and access to the Coastal Kitchen, a nice restaurant on our deck (Deck 17 at the top of the ship) that was only open to people with suites like ours. This was especially nice because of the size of the ship--it wasn't nearly as crowded there since most of the ship's passengers couldn't eat there. Class warfare at its best, I tell you! (Kidding! And most passengers probably didn't even know it existed since it was tucked away at the top of the ship where the suites were.)

The suite had two bathrooms and an upstairs where the master bedroom was. 

The living room couch converted into a big bed for the boys to sleep on. The room attendants set it up each evening and turned it back into a couch in the mornings. 

I loved the balcony. It was private and comfortable and shady, and the unbeatable view along with the fresh sea breeze was heaven!

The only thing I didn't like was that the master bedroom really wasn't private from the downstairs. You could draw a sheer curtain, but that was about it.

This was the upstairs bedroom. There was a bathroom up there too.

The big window wall was neat! The view was perfect if you're an ocean lover! 😍

We definitely appreciated our sweet suite on the ship!