Friday, November 30, 2018

Five Things for Friday

My blog is still broken. 😖 Help!

1. On Monday, Boo Boo and Violet had a vet appointment--at our house! Our new vet goes to people's houses and does everything there! It's awesome and it saves so much hassle and time, as well as a great deal of anxiety for the dogs (especially Boo Boo, who can be such a baby 😆). That said, I still miss our vet office in Iowa; I was friendly with the vet we saw the most and also with the owner.

2. I'm tired of Joanna Gaines. I have nothing against her personally, I'm just tired of seeing her everywhere. I'm sure she and her husband are very nice people, but I don't like that they're so trendy and all over the place right now, and I dislike their rustic farmhouse-y style, so I mostly ignore the too-big section at Target that's devoted to their merchandise because I don't like hardly any of it. And I sigh with exasperation at the repeated storylines I see about silly things like why she was happy her daughter wrote on the bathroom sink, or the fancy stroller she got for her baby, or that she put her second Christmas tree in an unusual place. 
Sorry, I've been wanting to get that off my chest for awhile. I feel better now! #rantover

3. Yesterday I finished designing our Christmas cards and got them all ordered. There were two that I especially liked. (And then there were two...) One of them had gold foil lettering and I liked it the best overall, but the other one had warmer colors and a font that I adored but for some reason it wasn't an option to use it on the first card. They both had similar layouts, and I wish I could have combined what I liked best about both cards into one ideal card. 😕 But that wasn't possible (get on it, Shutterfly!) so I made the big decision with the helpful input of my mom's opinion.
BTW, Shutterfly, your design and ordering process should be updated and streamlined! It's not as easy and informative and fun as it should be.
If I haven't sent you a card before and you'd like one, let me know! I'd be happy to send you one!

4. My great discovery of the week was Minty Mallows from Trader Joe's. They're so good. I really like the combination of dark chocolate and marshmallow with a little mint thrown in. They're dangerously delicious!

Silly boy!

*Apparently, I can post pictures that were taken on my phone, but not pictures from my real camera. What the...?! I repeat, help!

5. I got a new Yankee Candle for the season and its "Aromatic Orange & Evergreen" scent is lovely.

Weekend plans: Getting a massage. 💆 Getting our Christmas tree. 🎄 Decorating the house and the tree. 🎄 Dinner out with Peter. 🍴 The First Presidency Christmas Devotional. 👍

I'm looking forward to December, one of my favorite months of the year!