Monday, September 24, 2018

Cape House Summer 2017

Nothing groundbreaking here (as usual), just some random pictures around the outside of the Cape house from last summer...

We put up a drying line in the backyard for towels and swimsuits. 

Seating for four. One of the Adirondack chairs broke over the winter so now it's seating for three.

This section of the backyard fence came down, and as you can see the rest of the fence is old and in pretty bad shape. We had it all taken down and replaced this past spring (pictures to come sometime next year when I'm more caught up!).

It's not a bad backyard as far as backyards go. 

I like to think that this would be a garden if we lived here full time. The decorative sculpture was left by the previous owner. I think it's a little creepy but very English and I like it.

Open kitchen window over hydrangea bushes. Summertime incarnate.

Obviously I hung out in the backyard a lot more than the front yard!