Monday, September 24, 2018

Around the Cape House, Summer 2017

Now for some random pictures around the inside of the Cape house...

TV time in the living room

Sam was drawing something from a picture he was looking at on his iPad. I love how artistic he is. He's the only one in our family who really is.

I sent Peter this cute postcard. 💓

Sam liked his stuffed little Patrick that he picked out from the toy store at the mall.

I bought a wonderful Kate Spade bag for summer on sale. 

I also bought a personalized plank on the Gray's Beach boardwalk for us. Here's the certificate, but the plank wasn't actually installed until this past spring. We saw it for the first time this summer (pictures to year!).

Still my baby doll! (He's never been a thumb-sucker; this was just a random thing he did one night as he slept that I thought was cute.)

It's always a good day when there's a new Lego set to assemble.


Basement bookshelves and entertainment center. One of my achievements for the summer was that I finally found the perfect wall hanging for the spot above the TV!

More Legos

The boys' bedroom. Their beds are actually made, believe it or not. 

Their unmade beds don't look much better (or worse!).


Family of four cute little birds made out of seaglass

The fridge

Sam made a house out of boxes and duct tape for his stuffed animals and toys. This kid is so creative!

Ta-da! He added two more boxes to the top of it to make quite the mansion. He gives his toys the royal treatment.

I saw these SpongeBob and Patrick creations at an arts fair and couldn't resist getting them for the boys' room. They got a kick out of them.

This whiteboard hangs in the boys' closet and hasn't been erased in years! People keep adding notes to it and it's fun to look back on. But eventually, it's gonna have to get erased.

I feel bad that there are no pictures of John in this post! I don't know where he was!