Monday, February 26, 2018

John's 6th Grade Graduation

John "graduated" from 6th grade and from elementary school on the last day of school, Wednesday, May 31st. There was a nice ceremony in the gym that I took videos of, so no pictures of that. But I do have pictures from afterwards.

I'm so glad that John went to the same elementary school from kindergarten through 6th grade. I loved watching him grow up with these kids. There's something special about it that I think builds stronger bonds between the kids and in the community. I wish I'd had that growing up, and I'm glad that he did. 
John's on the left end of the front row, second from last.  

With two of his best friends. These guys are goofballs together.

Shimek was a great school and John grew so much over the years there in many significant ways. 

Our little boy is growing up and moving on!