Thursday, January 18, 2018

Disney Cruise Day 4: Tortola and Pirate Night

After two relaxing days at sea, we were in for a busy day on Tuesday, March 14th! The Fantasy was making its first stop of the cruise at the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. It was our first time there and I was excited to see it!

I went to the Rainforest Room early in the morning and had it all to myself! The view was good from the balcony up there. There was another ship in port that was right across from us.

Because I had the room to myself, I was able to snap a photo of the heated lounge chairs that I love so much!

Our family wasn't able to do the same excursion on this stop which was disappointing. The spaces filled up fast so only Sam and I were able to do "A Day at the Baths." I know that Peter and especially John would have LOVED it (they went on a sailing excursion instead, which was fun, but not as awesome as the Baths), so this is a place we'll have to return to so that we can all go to the Baths together.

Sam and I took a 30-minute open-air ferry ride over to the island of Virgin Gorda to experience "A Day at the Baths." This was the lovely scenery before we boarded the ferry. I love the green mountainous hills of the Caribbean islands!

This boy makes the scenery even better 💓

I really enjoyed the views during the ride. How could you not? (Unless you're prone to seasickness, like my sister Jennifer is!)

That house!

When we got to Virgin Gorda we took a quick ride on an open-air bus to The Baths. We stopped briefly at this scenic "beauty spot" (as they call them in England--we were in the British Virgin Islands after all!).

And then we got to The Baths. The description I'm about to give isn't going to be adequate at all, but basically it's a unique stretch of beach with these amazing rock formations along the beach. And the water is so colorful and clear, and the scenery along the beach and across the water is so picturesque.
 All together, it's gorgeous.

A kind fellow traveler showed us a really neat cave he found. It was so cool!

I wish John had been there to play in the water with Sam! The waves were fun.

Then we had to hike through this crazy path through the rocks. It was fairly strenuous so I didn't take many pictures, but here's one pretty little view that I managed to snap. 

At the end of the hike was this beautiful beach. 
I thought that big split rock was pretty cool.

I felt like I was literally living in a still-life painting. It was so picturesque and beautiful there!

The water had the most gorgeous shades of blue, green, and turquoise.
I think it was truly the prettiest water I've ever seen, anywhere.

Toto, we're not in Iowa anymore!

Look at how clear that water is!

I had to take a selfie by this beautiful sea.

It even looks like a heavenly mist is coming up from the bottom of this photo. This place was unreal!

After the beach, we ate a tasty lunch at an open-air restaurant that was nearby. 

Then we took the ferry back to Tortola, where our ship awaited. 

After several busy hours away, it was nice to relax in our room while still enjoying the view.

That night was Pirate Night! 
It's a festive and fun night and my favorite family pictures usually happen then.

Poor John!

The pictures with Minnie are my favorites. 

This one made it onto our Christmas card.

We ate dinner at The Royal Table, which is probably my favorite restaurant on the ship. Well, that and Palo.

I got a delicious rocky road ice cream sundae for dessert that was called "Princess Aurora's Sundae."

We watched two fun pirate shows on the pool deck that evening, the first with Mickey and the gang, and the later one with Captain Jack Sparrow and co. from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. That was then followed by fireworks at sea, which are fantastic.

And we got a towel monkey that night!

We also slept well that night. It had been a great day!