Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Disney Cruise Day 3: Day at Sea

Day 3 was Monday, March 13th. Lucky us, we got two sea days in a row on this cruise!

We spent a relaxing day on (where else?) the ship. The boys spent time in the Fantasy's excellent kids' clubs, we all went to a fun ventriloquism comedy show, I relaxed in the Rainforest Room, and we went to the pool deck after dinner.

The boys and I ate breakfast at Cabanas just about every day of the cruise.
As you can see, John especially appreciated all of the food options.

Check out his nutritious choices...pancakes smeared in whipped cream, sausage patties, half a plate of bacon, and a fried egg. Oh, and a side of Froot Loops. Nice John, real nice! Normally my kids don't eat like this. But I let it go (no pun intended) for the most part when we're on vacation.

 The Fantasy has pretty art all around the ship.

We ran into Daisy Duck on the elevator!

Peter taught us how to play shuffleboard.

The ship is impeccably maintained. It really does inspire me for how I take care of my own house.

At dinner when our servers asked Peter what he'd like for dessert, Peter replied, "Nothing."
So they brought him this. Ha ha!

We got an elephant again! Who knew featureless little towel animals could be so cute?

We spent the evening on the pool deck. The movie that was showing was Alice Through the Looking Glass, which I hadn't seen yet. The pool where the boys were swimming is below the movie screen. And that lit-up tube on both sides of the photo is part of the AquaDuck water coaster slide that goes around the top of the ship.

I rode the AquaDuck twice with Sam. There were no lines, which was nice, but it was cool out, so I was cold when we got out. So right to the hot tub I went!

You can get all the soft-serve ice-cream you want at Eye Scream on the pool deck. During the day there are usually lines, but at night, there are none. They have good flavors; my favorites are chocolate banana and strawberry banana. This place is such a treat!

It was a good day at sea!