Thursday, January 11, 2018

Disney Cruise Day 1

We boarded the Disney Fantasy on Saturday, March 11th. It was our third cruise on the Fantasy in four years and it honestly felt a little like coming home. I love this ship and the happy memories and experiences we've had on it over the last few years.

We had some photos taken in which we kind of definitely look like cheeseballs, but I treasure them nonetheless!

These were the two delicious desserts I ate that day, one at lunch and the other at dinner. My appetite was back and my sore throat from the strep was almost gone.  

Carrot cake

Strawberry shortcake

This was the main part of our stateroom. It looked like this by day. It was different at night, as you'll see.  

It's a pretty heavenly thing to have your own balcony to sit out on and to have fresh right-off-the-ocean breezes coming into your room, along with the soothing sounds of the water. This is what I call a seaside home!

And here's what the room looked like by night. Our wonderful room attendant effected the magical change every evening. The couch turned into a bed and the higher bed came down from the ceiling. 
 That heavy curtain on the right side could go across the whole room, dividing it into two, which was very convenient for when the kids went to bed before we did (which was every night, though sometimes just barely!).

Day 1 = Home sweet home!