Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)

Our Christmas season of 2016 consisted of the following...

 Do you see our Elf on the Shelf Rooster? (I guess I just gave it away.)

I got this Victorian advent calendar for myself. 💖 I'm re-using it again this year.

Each window has a delightful little scene like this...

Another fun purchase for myself was this delightful little book.

We finally used our fireplace after years of never using it and my dreams of a homespun, classic Christmas were complete.

Here's another thing we did for the first time. It turns out there's a pretty decent sledding hill in the field right behind our house! It only took seven winters for us to figure that out!

Re-hanging an ornament on the mini tree. Plus, presents and Christmas books.

Little shepherd boy...

...and his brother.

This was from the cover of a catalog. Simple and beautiful. 

I got this pretty candle at Kohl's. Not only did it smell really nice, but I liked seeing the positive message on it every day: "Joyful, peaceful, full of love." I used it as a meditation mantra and it worked really well. 

We went to see the Joffrey Ballet's new debut of "The Nutcracker." They did a different spin on it that was okay, but I preferred the original. Nothing will probably ever compare to Boston Ballet's rendition for me.

Hancher Auditorium just re-opened this year after being destroyed by flood waters before we moved here. It's a really cool auditorium, and it's only about ten minutes away!

 I liked what this card said.

Speaking of cards, I was pleased with how ours turned out. Gold polka dots were my thing this year.

These Lindt Peppermint Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles are my personal kryptonite every Christmas season. 
I love them so much! Too much!

I'll post pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day soon. It's only taken me a year to do that, no big deal! 😁