Friday, December 8, 2017

Five Things for Friday

Oh hi, it's been awhile! Without further ado...

1. This week my life got a little more intriguing, but I can't say that it was in a good way. To keep a long story short, I was involved in a mystery and a police investigation. 😲

Want to know more? Okay, I'll tell you.  

Basically, last Saturday a woman's car was hit in the parking lot of a nearby mall while she wasn't there and whoever did it left a post-it note on her window with my contact information on it. This happened to be one of my post-it notes, written by me. I don't know who did this or how they got that post-it note, but whoever it is apparently forgot that parking lots have security cameras. πŸ˜„  
Answers to this bizarre crime are still pending, but I hope they catch the perp and charge him or her with not only hit-and-run but also with fraudulent activity for trying to frame me for an accident that I had nothing to do with! 

2. We went to Lindsey Stirling's Christmas concert on Tuesday night. It was so fun and so good! I love Lindsey and her music, and her Christmas album is wonderful (my favorite is her version of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy). And an unexpected treat was that I got to see Mark Ballas from Dancing With the Stars (he and Lindsey were partners on the show this fall and they came in 2nd place exactly two weeks earlier). He and his wife were the cover band. It was a magical evening! 
I took pictures with my camera and not my phone because I'm old-fashioned like that, so I can't post any of my pictures yet, so this one will have to suffice!

3. I've seen two movies in the theater since my last blog post: Murder on the Orient Express and Wonder. Both were excellent and they were almost as good as their books. There are two more movies I want to see this year: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (we have tickets to see it a week from today, when I'll find out if my theories about Rey are correct (or not)), and I really want to see The Man Who Invented Christmas. Also not to be forgotten are the Hallmark Christmas movies that are piling up in my DVR. They're among my guiltiest of pleasures every December. Some are really silly, but some are quite good. The best ones usually have Candace Cameron Bure in them (in case you were wondering). 

4. We got our Christmas tree last Saturday. It's a real winner! It has a beautiful shape, it's in good shape (unlike last year's, which was totally DOA), and it has a lovely fragrance. I love Christmas! 
Pictures of the tree to come...probably next December. Ha ha!

5. Today I have an appointment to see (no pun intended) how my eyes are doing eight months after my vision correction surgery. I know on my own (because you know, they're my eyes and I use them every day) that they're doing great. I'm so glad I got that surgery and that I can see clearly all the time now! 😍
And if there's time after my appointment I'm going to finally go to Trader Joe's! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

The kids and I are probably going to watch Elf tonight. It always makes me LOL, literally!

Have a great weekend!