Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the whole year! (And it's only ten days away!) I love it because it's a magical, special day full of anticipation and excitement as well as simple peace and joy. We almost always spend it at home together, and this is some of what we did last year. 

I let the kids open a present in the morning (as well as in the evening) because it gives them something fun and different to do or to use during the day. Sam got a Lego set that he promptly put together.

I must have let him open two gifts because he also played with this tornado twister for most of the day. It was from my niece/his cousin Hayley. He absolutely loved it!

Hayley really knocked it out of the park with the gifts she sent for the boys! She got John this passback football that he played with all day. You throw it against a wall and it bounces back to you, so you can practice both your throwing and catching.

We enjoyed our annual prime rib candlelit Christmas Eve dinner.
(Note the tornado twister right next to Sam. He really did love that thing!) 
Something was funny! I'm sure I said something really silly to get them to laugh like this.

Christmas Eve night, after Santa came.

 In my book, Christmas Eve really is the most wonderful day of the year!
I'm so glad that it's almost upon us once again!