Friday, September 15, 2017

Five Things for Friday

1. I love and crave Panera's Green Goddess Cobb chicken salad and the dressing it comes with. It is SO GOOD and I'm just really in love with this salad and dressing. I can't get enough! I ate it on two different occasions last week, but I haven't yet this week, and I'm feeling the lack. 

This picture literally makes my mouth water!

2. Another thing I love that I've been craving a lot lately are eggs. Fried eggs, hardboiled eggs (especially when they're nice and warm), scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelet-type eggs. They're all so good! 
I just love eggs.

3. One of my favorite stores from Massachusetts just opened up last week here in our area. It's Homegoods! I shop there every summer when I'm in MA and they have the best merchandise! I'm excited that they're here in Iowa now! I went on their opening day and wasn't disappointed. I got a new lamp for the guest bedroom and a pretty white porcelain pumpkin with gold polka dots and a curly golden stem. It's been so nice having some of my New England favorites come to Iowa over the last few years (Dunkin' Donuts, Sephora, HomeGoods!). 

4. We need rain! It's been weeks since we had rain and I really miss it. It's been sunny and warm and nice out for weeks, but there's only so much of that I can take before I start itching for clouds and a rainy day or two here and there. I'm glad that there's a 50% chance of rain this weekend. I feel a little bad wishing for rain because of the hurricanes and all the flood damage they caused. I wish we could take some from them. Mother Nature, divert some of that rainwater here; we'll gladly take it! (Famous last words?)
5. A pretty view from the car as I waited to pick up John from practice last week.

The next two weeks will be pretty busy with Sam's birthday, baptism, and our parents visiting, so my posts will probably be a little erratic for the rest of the month. 
Happy Friday!