Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Of Birds and Deer

Sometimes we see deer in the yard, and sometimes they get pretty close to the house. 
All the better to photograph them, my deers! Ha ha ha. Get it? 

The field behind the house provides pretty effective camouflaging for them sometimes.   
But not all the time, as you can see here (literally! Ha ha. The jokes never end!). 

Sometimes there are bright red cardinals flying about that settle into one of the trees. They're one of my favorite birds and I feel like it's a lucky day when I see one, and an even luckier one when I can capture it well on camera.

And then there are the rare occasions when I see a deer and a cardinal together at the same time, in the same photo frame! 

I wish I had a corny quip to wrap this up with, but I've got nothing left. Contrary to what I wrote above, the jokes do end. Sorry!