Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pretty Fall Scenery In My Neighborhood

The scenery around my neighborhood is really pretty in the fall. It comes through for me, year after year. Imagine that! I appreciate the reliability and predictability of the seasons.

Every fall someone puts up two pumpkins on the fence posts of this farm that borders the neighborhood. It's so festive, even more so with bales of hay in the background.

A few close-ups (Mr. Deville)...

(I like this one better.)

Foliage around lakes is always nice in the fall. This is our neighborhood lake (if you didn't get the memo from the title and theme of this post. I'm good at overstating the obvious.)
I took these from my car window. Skills!

Sunny, clear day with good reflection on the water.

Cloudy, breezy day with ruffles on the water instead of reflections.

The geese chose a pretty place to swim.

My favorite tree in our yard, on a clear day and a foggy morning.

View of the tree through the kitchen window. 

This tree in the front yard sprouts festive berries each fall and is especially pretty when looked at and photographed with the field behind it.

 I don't mind leaves scattered all over the grass. We never rake them. It's fall's carpet, and it's pretty.
My previously-mentioned favorite tree is all the way over on the left in the back.

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." 
-Emily Bronte