Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Things to Remember from September

I spend a lot of time here. Too much time sometimes!

Sam painted his toy truck. Just call him one of Santa's elves!

For the past couple of years, I've been making my own body scrub using this easy recipe that I found on Pinterest. It's only three ingredients: sugar, baby oil, and a body wash of your choice. I put it in a Mason jar and use it once a week and it helps keep my skin healthy and soft.

More after-school fun for the boys with the hose, pool, and sandbox. 

Sam made this adorable picture about friends at school, featuring him, John, and Abe. So cute!


Yes! This is one of my main philosophies in life.

This was the cake I made ordered for my friend Jamie's book party to celebrate the publication of her first book, Bearskin.
The picture on the cake mimics the book cover and is edible chocolate. It was hand-painted by the baker! 

You can see here how the cake was designed to look like a book.
And here is the lovely and talented author herself!

Two of Sam's snakes, just hanging out...

 More snakes! He wound them around his bed slats as if they were coiled up in the branches of a tree. 

I bought some cute Toms for next summer on sale from Zulily. I'd been wanting to get a pair of red summer shoes or sandals, and these fit the bill.

I like the charitable side of buying Toms too, which you can see on the side of the box:

Really, Wall Street Journal? If I were a copyeditor there, this never would have gotten past me! 
Can you spot the glaring error?

While my dad was visiting he finally got me hooked on making a delicious salad with my own homemade salad dressing of olive oil and spices for lunch every day. These salads were super good.  
But then I ate one with a bad avocado and it turned me off and I haven't been making them since.
I want to get back into them though, because they're so healthy and delicious and they were significantly increasing my daily vegetable intake.

On the other end of the spectrum, here's Sam enjoying a cupcake for dessert at dinner one night... 
The cupcakes at this restaurant are really good.

Violet is my little shadow around the house.

Bentwood stared me down (or in this case, up) at his vet appointment.
He's the sweetest cat but he looks grumpy and evil here, doesn't he?

Peter and John spent a very fun weekend hiking in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, soaking in the natural hot springs of Olympic National Park, and enjoying the great city of Seattle (which I have yet to see, sob! Sam is still a little young to handle that level of hiking so we didn't go.).
Here they were, leaving us behind over Labor Day weekend.

Peter took some good pictures of their trip but I can't find them on the computer, so check back here in the next week or so and when I find them I'll put a few here.

It was a good September, full of good things!