Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Top Five Favorite Retail Stores

I got the idea recently to do a weekly "Top Five" list from my friend Cheryl. Mine isn't quite the same as hers (hers is literary and intelligent; mine is just fluff), but it's fun and captures some of the random minutiae that makes up my life.

Today's inaugural top five list top five favorite retail stores! (Deep, I know.) 
And they are...

1. Target. Target is my happy place! Even if I'm just shopping for toilet paper, kitty litter, and Band-Aids. There's a great selection of both trendy and classic things there, and I like the way it's laid out and organized. It's probably the store in which my self-discipline muscle gets exercised the most.

2. Barnes & Noble. I found out this summer that one of my ancestors is THE Noble of Barnes & Noble! It's literally in my blood to love this store! And love it I do. {heart and book emojis}

3. Bed Bath & Beyond. I love their merchandise, and they have a super-generous coupon policy.

4. Pier 1 Imports. They have great seasonal things, nice furniture, and some of my best owls have come from there.

5. HomeGoods. I can only shop there in the summer when I'm in Massachusetts because there isn't one here (yet). They have an awesome selection

And I'll give an Honorable Mention to Kohl's. I like Kohl's. 
Oh, and Hobby Lobby too! I love Hobby Lobby!
(Clearly, five things wasn't enough for this list!)

What are some of your favorite retail stores?

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cheryl said...

Ooh... I LIKE this! I have to agree with Target and Barnes and Noble. They would have to be top on my list.
Target is smart. They have made their stores so bright and colorful and fun. They are hard to resist. I try to only go once a week but sometimes it doesn't work out that way.
That is awesome that you are related to the Noble of Barnes and Noble! You should get a family discount! I love that store too. It is so hard to go in there and not wish I had a book bank account that was never ending.
I would say my other three would be Hobby Lobby, The King's English bookstore local to SLC, and Gymboree. All dangerous places for me to go into. Honorable mention- Amazon. Because I spend a lot of money on Amazon.