Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A New Era Begins...

...the era of trombone-playing for John!

Check out that shiny new trombone...

...and the handsome boy playing it!

John is enjoying learning how to play the trombone and being part of the school band. Almost every kid in his class ended up joining band, and he likes the social aspect of playing instruments with his friends. 

Preparing to practice.
(I love how these pictures turned out!) 

John is pretty much on his own when it comes to practicing trombone at home.
I was able to help him just fine with practicing piano, but I have no experience with brass instruments. 
Peter played the saxophone but he's rarely home when John practices, and he doesn't know much about trombone anyway.
So what I'm trying to say is that when John becomes a brilliant trombonist, it will be because of his own innate talents and hard work. ;-)


cheryl said...

That's awesome! Abi's school lets them do orchestra starting this year (albeit expensively) but she has no interest. She has an interest in continuing to learn the piano and learning guitar and drums. So we will have to look into that elsewhere.
So excited for him to learn the trombone. Fun!

Sarah Laurence said...

Wonderful! Music is a gift. You might want to gift yourself some earplugs too. My daughter plays piano, guitar and uke.

Donna said...

Earplugs are a good idea--sometimes when he practices it sounds more like bodily functions than music! Ha ha.