Monday, September 14, 2015

Sam Graduates From Preschool (Finally!)

On May 22nd, Sam graduated from Kinderfarm Preschool! 
Kinderfarm is a really cute preschool and Sam enjoyed the two years he spent there.
This was Sam's third year of preschool. He went to a special speech therapy preschool when he was 3 (there was once a time in this little chatterbox's earlier years when he didn't talk very much, especially with anyone outside of the family, and KidTalk preschool really helped to unlock his language skills). And then for ages 4 and 5, he went to Kinderfarm, a preschool that's in the middle of the cornfields in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse on a real farm where the kids do farm chores and spend lots of time outside enjoying nature and animals, as well as learning and doing the classic preschool things. He had a great time there and he learned and grew so much!

The graduation ceremony for the kids going on to kindergarten in the fall was really cute and simple.

The graduation caps were made by the kids and teachers. They were made of upside-down black painted bowls topped with black paper and tied with yarn. Very clever!

(For my family reading this: did you see Dad in the picture above?) 

Sam's turn to get his diploma!

Sam had a good group of friends at Kinderfarm. 
His favorite friend was Thomas. They had (and still have) such fun together!

 Waiting in line for a treat with his friend Julian.

Playing with Thomas and Harlow (she's also in our church ward).

How cute are these boys?? 

Sam's favorite animal on the farm was Stella, a giant and sweet St. Bernard.  

For both Sam and John, I've always had a hard time saying good-bye to preschools, but this time it wasn't too bad after three years in a row of it for Sam (who missed the kindergarten cut-off date by five days; hence, an extra year of preschool for him). So Sam was ready to move on to elementary school, and I was ready for that too.
But we will definitely miss his sweet days at Kinderfarm!