Friday, September 4, 2015

Five Things for Friday

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! I wasn't going to do one today, but I decided I had enough "things" to work with to make it worthwhile. (Okay, there was really only one thing, but it's a big enough thing that I decided to do a "Five Things" around it. ...No Mom, I'm not pregnant.) 

1. It's been so hot and humid this week! Last week it was uncharacteristically chilly, and this week it's uncharacteristically hot. Mother Nature is up to her tricks again! Normally I don't mind the warmth, but with allergies, the heat makes them so much worse. So I haven't been feeling the best this week as a result. I pretty much want to cut my nose off by the end of the day. (News flash: I haven't done it yet.) I'm going to buy some Flonase today for my beleaguered nose and give that a try. Claritin works well but --oh stop it Donna! I'm becoming an annoying person who talks too much about her allergies. Thank goodness I only have these once a year!

2. The kids and I saw a truck on its side on the highway this week. It was literally sprawled out on the highway with its whole underbelly in perfect view. It had toppled over earlier in the day, but when we drove by it in the evening, it was still just lying there, taking up two lanes of traffic on I-80, with no cones around it or anything. It looked like a giant abandoned dead thing. It was really strange and it felt slightly dystopian (which is a genre that I've kind of had my mind on because my father is visiting and he feels very strongly that life as we know it is probably going to come to an end within the year). Weird!

3. Okay, this one is pretty exciting for me, and it's what prompted me to do a "Five Things for Friday" post today. I got an email from my friend Melanie yesterday with a link to amazon for a book that I had worked on a few months ago for her sister's husband, who used to work in the Middle East for the FBI. The book is about Islamic extremism and is very relevant to what's going on in today's world with that, which is why he decided to write the book. I wrote a little about it here on the blog back in January. So, the book has been published as a Kindle ebook and is now for sale on amazon. And much to my amazement, my name (first initials only for security purposes!) is listed on there after the author's!! For real! Check it out here. I'm a published...editor! Kind of. I was not expecting that at all. Who knew it could be so easy to get published? Ha ha. It was very generous of him to include me. If you're interested in learning about the root reasons of why the ISIS terrorists and other Islamic terrorist groups are doing what they're doing, this is a great and very relevant book to read. And some great editing work went into it too. ;-)

4. I've never been a big fan of those stick family decals that people put on the backs of their cars, but this is a family decal that I saw that I can definitely get behind! If I ever see it anywhere, I'll probably get it. That owl family is adorable! And that particular one fits our family of four perfectly. I may have to to conduct a google shopping search soon. 

5. I love this lipstick! Cover Girl Lip Lava. You apply it with a little brush. It's great stuff and it makes my lips look and feel so pretty!

Now you've got to admit, the most awesome "thing" in that list was #3 by far, wasn't it? 
I'm famous! 
Ha ha ha.


cheryl said...

1- I am so ready for fall weather. My allergies are always worst at the beginning of summer but I just love the colder temps. I hope yours get better quickly! I loved Claritin back in the day when I used to have to take it every day because I have a slight allergy to cats but I still wanted to own one. Haha.
2- Yikes. And I have been hearing that so much from people thinking the end is within a year or two. I can see why people think so because of all the craziness in the world, especially the violence, that seems to be getting worst every day. But I keep telling Doug I just hope it waits until after my trip to Europe!:)
3- Sounds like an interesting book and that is so exciting that you got to be a part of it!
4- Those owl decals are cute. I love it when I see the stickers on a vehicle and they spread across the whole window and we try to count them all before they get out of sight. The biggest one we have found so far was on a suburban at my daughters' school. It had 19 stickers in all and I wondered how in the world they fit all those kids in cars. They must have two suburbans. I am not a huge fan of them either but I do think some models are quite cute.

Donna said...

Cheryl, I know! I think about things I have planned for the next year or two, and I'm like, it can't happen yet! LOL. I bet you'll get your Europe trip in!