Thursday, September 3, 2015

Around the House and Out and About With John and Sam

John has gotten really into football over the last few months (much to Peter's delight).
He likes to play catch in the living room (not much to my delight).
Here he is waiting for a return pass. (Grrrrr.)

He's still on the boys' gymnastics team as well. Gymnastics and football, what a combination!

John has no fear. He really doesn't!
He doesn't think twice about doing something like this, and he loves every second of it.

In May we made a volcano. Sam really enjoyed painting it. Unlike his brother, he loves arts and crafts.

Coloring while waiting for the food to arrive when dining out is a nice diversion.

He was excited that at this particular restaurant his picture could be hung up for everyone to see.

Getting ready to go to school.

 Playing with Grandpa and his big exercise ball.

Building a Lego city.

Ensconced in a double-helix. DNA at its most fun!

What busy and exciting lives these boys lead!