Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Few Last Tidbits From May...

I got a cute pair of preppy Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes from Zulily, and they're in my "signature colors" of navy blue and green. I love these shoes!  

John played at his end-of-the-year piano recital.
It went well except that he started on the wrong keys, which I knew from helping him practice that there was about a 50% chance of that happening. Once his teacher corrected him, he played the song perfectly. This may have turned out to be his last piano recital. Last week he decided to join the school band with one of his best friends. He's going to take up trombone, which should be fun (I hope). I think he's going to have a much easier time learning it because of his background in piano and knowing how to read music. 

This tiny little green car cracked me up when I saw it. 
I would never drive one of these, but I'm glad that there are people who do because they never fail to amuse me!

I got this cute lamp at Target with the Cape house in mind, but there isn't a very good place for it there right now, so it's in my Project Room instead (it's not on the floor anymore either!). I love it!

May 15th marked the five-year passing of my beloved dog Christy, who I had from 1995 to 2010. I still miss her and her companionship and I long to run my hands through her silky fur and burrow my face into her soft neck. I fully believe that she lives on in a better place and that we'll be together again. One of my favorite quotes that gives me comfort for both Christy and Yogi is this:
"Heaven is a place where all the dogs you ever loved run to greet you."
I love to envision that joyful scene.

(I've had this picture and frame since high-school!)