Thursday, September 17, 2015

Scenes from Dining Out

Last school year, particularly towards the end of the year, the kids and I ate dinner out about twice a week because of extracurricular activities. And therefore I give you, scenes from dining out...

At Panchero's...

...Sam thought something was funny!

At Bluebird Diner, I admired this group of pictures on the wall above our table.
(Owls! Birds! And Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics!)

At HuHot, Sam made an interesting arrangement on the table with his train, sunglasses, spoon, chopsticks, napkin, cup, and the salt and pepper shakers.
 He cracks me up!

At Red Lobster, the boys always love the cheddar biscuits.
They are the sole reason that Red Lobster is Sam's favorite restaurant.

Meanwhile, I liked my fish tacos...

...and this pretty painting on the wall above our table.
I appreciate good restaurant art!

Our receipt from dinner that night was interesting.
Check out the second item under Guest No. 1 and the first item under Guest No. 2.
Aren't kids' drinks always supposed to be non-alcoholic?! Why does this need to be qualified?!

And those are scenes from just a few of our dinners out.
You're welcome for that extra special glimpse into our lives. :-)