Friday, September 18, 2015

Five Things for Friday

(Lucky you--it's six things today!)

1. Remember my "Do These Windows Look Clean To You?" post from a few weeks ago? I'm happy to report that this situation appears to have been resolved. After receiving another bill with two finance charges on it, Peter called again, they apologized profusely for dropping the ball on this, and the owner himself came out on Monday to finish the job. The streaks are pretty much gone, although I have to say, their faint outlines remain, possibly "burnt" into the glass from the summer sun?

They're mostly noticeable in the morning sunlight, so I'm not going to make a big deal over this.
But needless to say, I won't be hiring this company again!

2. Speaking of mornings, check out John's happy breakfast!

3. Speaking of...the opposite of mornings, I stayed up way too late Wednesday night to watch the Republican presidential candidates debate. I enjoy politics, and presidential campaigns have always been a particular favorite of mine. My favorite candidates so far, in no particular order, are Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and (sorry Mom) Donald Trump. It's still early though, and these are all subject to change.

A few words about The Donald. He really bugged me over the summer with some of the controversial, offensive comments he made about veterans and Hispanic immigrants, and I felt frustrated by how well he was doing in the polls. But now I appreciate much of his candor and his confidence. He seems very real and genuine to me. There's not much pretense or artifice with him (for better or for worse). I don't like how brash and rude he can be, but I think he'd get important things done. He seems weak on foreign policy though, and that's a big strike against him. Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how long his popularity endures.

Also, shallow reasons I like him: he's a fellow alumni, I saw him in person at Penn years ago, I went to college with his son Donald Jr., and he kind of cemented my desire to get a Wharton husband (which I did!). What can I say? I can't be deep all the time, it's too exhausting. Ha ha. And I've got to have some kind of a personal connection to a candidate since Mitt's not running!

What about you? Do you have any favorite candidates so far?
I'm an Independent but no matter who the Democratic candidates are, I will almost certainly be voting Republican this time.

4. My pre-ordered copy of Cinderella came in the mail this week. We saw the movie onboard the Disney Fantasy in March when it came out and I really enjoyed it--we all did, even Peter. I thought it was really well done. It's a welcome addition to our ever-growing movie collection.

5. Speaking of good things that came in the mail this week, I also received this fun package from my longtime blog friend Cheryl. I won a giveaway on her really fun Scones and Crackers blog about all things England. These goodies are British in nature and I'm looking forward to eating them all (except for the bookmark clips. Ha ha.).
So fun. Thank you Cheryl!
(I really want to go to England!)

6. Speaking of England and Cinderella (who is played by the lovely Lily James, who plays Lady Rose in Downton Abbey)--Downton Abbey starts this Sunday in England. I've never watched it early when it airs there; I've always waited for it to start airing in January on PBS. But I'm thinking about watching it early this time since it's the final season (sob). I want to escape the spoiling effects of spoilers. And I'm eager to see how the show ends. And I just joined a Facebook group that posts the links each week so that it can easily be watched. Part of me wants to wait and be able to look forward each week to the show during the long, cold winter, but the greater part of me thinks that this final time around, the sooner I watch, the better. If I do watch it early (which seems to be fairly certain at this point), I won't post any spoilers here, I promise!

Notice the sunset in the's sunset on the series. :-(

This weekend is Sam's 6th birthday and we'll be celebrating all weekend long! He's so excited.
Happiest of birthdays to the littlest love of my life!