Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Beach

These are a few more pictures of "our beach." I'm just going to call it that from now on because I like saying it that way. Obviously it's not ours, but it's the one by our house that we go to the most often, mostly in the evenings as a nice way to finish up the day. It's our beach.

Sam brought a boogie board and had so much fun running with it along the beach.

I was taking pictures with my iPhone and my real camera. The real camera's pictures came out better and captured the light as it really looked, as you can see in the photo below. 


Real camera again.

This was as close as Sam got to actually boogie-boarding.
(John was at his grandparents' house in Rhode Island that week, which is why he isn't in these pictures.)

I don't think I'm ever going to tire of these views. 

This was cute. Someone had written this in the sand...

...which inspired me to write this. It was my birthday!

Sam found something else to play with--a plastic bag that was blowing around on the beach. He had so much fun chasing it around. I thought it was funny that he was playing with litter and having the time of his life. Kids!

It was a breezy evening so the bag really blew and he had to run fast to catch it!

(Sam over my shoulder. Chasing the bag.)

A big car ferry coming into port. 
And, I love the color of the sky.

Time to go home...

These shiny iridescent shells are my favorite type of shell. 
I love their glowing, simple beauty.

The following pictures are from a different day, when I was able to go to our beach one afternoon BY MYSELF and read a book in peace and quiet for awhile! It was a rare pleasure. I hope to make it a more common pleasure this summer! 

I love our beach!