Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wrapping up Summer 2013 on the Cape!

These are the final pictures I want to include on my blog of our summer on the Cape in 2013.
(Only about two years late, no big deal!) 

At the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.
Bird-watching with binoculars:

Walking out to the sea:
Over the marshland,

Through the woods,

And to the sea.

I love twisty trails through the woods.
Especially when they lead to the ocean.

This was at Long Pond Beach, which I've written about before (this is in the neighborhood where we stayed in three different rental houses over the years).

It was here that, thanks in part to my father, John learned to put his face underwater! It finally happened at the age of 7! He'd been scared of doing this for years. This was huge!
(This picture is one of triumph and accomplishment but it is a little creepy!)

This is about as close to the water as Sam wanted to get.
He enjoyed having Uncle Nate dip his toes in the water, but no more than that!

I always like the ducks at this lake. They're friendly and sweet.

Cue the music!
"Ducks in the pond quack a happy song..."
(This is a song we sing in Nursery that I've finally learned most of the words to!)

And that wraps up the Summer of '13 on Cape Cod. It was a wonderful summer!

My goal now is to get all my Summer of '14 Cape posts done before I leave to go East at the end of next month. You and I both might be a little Cape Codded out by then (if such a thing is even possible), but I love my experiences at the Cape too much not to blog about them!