Monday, May 4, 2015

This Beach is Super-Cool

Last summer we made a great discovery about the location of our Cape house, and it is this: we're a short 2-minute drive on backroads (which is key on the Cape to avoiding summer traffic!) from a great little beach in the popular town of Hyannis, which our house is right near the border of. This is a nice sandy beach with peaceful water that has great views of the boats and ferries coming into and out of Hyannisport. The waves that do happen are fun ones that are generated by the boats. And perhaps best of all, it is one of the few remaining completely free public beaches in Hyannis, and possibly on the Cape! You don't even need a permit or anything to park in the lot there (are you listening, Brewster!?).

We went to this beach a few times last summer and spent awhile there one day with Peter's brother's family. Paul and Jean have four kids, and our boys have a lot of fun with their cousins! It was a very pleasant afternoon at the beach. 

 Check out this sequence of photos that feature this big ferry coming into view and sailing past:

This is definitely a beach where you don't want to swim past the buoys. If you do you're probably gonna get run over by a boat.

And off it goes out to sea...

I absolutely love the background scenery of beach houses lining the water. It's totally charming and picturesque. (So of course I have to take pictures of it, because picturesqueness should not go undocumented!)

Sparkles on the water...

This is the Hy-Line ferry that we take when we go out to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.

I've been wanting to take the kids on this pirate ship for years. I will make sure that it happens this summer before John gets too old for it!

Building sandcastles (always a favorite of Sam's).

John and Andrew having a Master Blaster fight! 
(Master Blasters are amazing. You can get them at Target. They are the best water toys!)

Andrew chasing John. "I'll get you my pretty!" Okay, not really.

Yes please.

Peter and Paul and a couple of their offspring. 

That's Paul, Jean, and their cute baby girl Naomi on the right side.
I think this is such a nice candid family shot (if I do say so myself...and I do.).

Another nice thing about this beach is that there's a little playground. Sweet!

 I took these pretty pictures from the parking lot before we left...

We'll definitely be coming back here every summer because this beach is super-cool!