Friday, May 1, 2015

Five Things for Friday...From March

1. My pretty pink Valentine's Day roses were still doing quite well at the beginning of the March. Even roses that are starting to decay are lovely, especially when they're nice, full big ones like these.

2. Peter and John made John's Pinewood Derby car. It did well in the race--it was in the top five out of almost thirty cars--but it didn't get one of the top three spots, so no regional race for John this year. He was fine with that though. (And so were we!)

 3. This sign at Panchero's always cracks me up. Those are some privileged tacos! 

4. I got myself a new desk! I think I deserved it for getting my act together over the last six months (thanks in large part to the Mind Organization for Moms program), and for being the successful home executive that I am! I needed a new desk.

I don't even know how many years old the old one was. The previous owner of our house in Connecticut left it when she moved, and I think she'd had it for a long time. It's a good, solid desk, but some of the drawers and other parts of the desk were starting to fall apart. I sold it for the bargain-basement price of $30--what a steal!

I liked the style of the desk so the new one I got is very similar, except that it's a darker wood (I love cherry wood), it has a larger surface and slide-out writing trays, and it has a super-comfy chair. I love it!

5. Check out this pretty sunset that happened one evening right over our neighborhood and house!

I love the pink reflection of the sky on the pond water.
It felt like the heavens were smiling down on us.

For these and other reasons, March was a very good month!