Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Haunted Bookstore

On my birthday last summer it was just me, Sam, and my mom at the Cape that day. We went out to breakfast and then we went to one of my favorite bookstores on the Cape. I call it "the haunted bookstore," but officially it's Isaiah Thomas Books, seller of used, rare, and out-of-print books. It's had a reputation for being haunted for at least a century, and the owner will patiently answer your questions about it if you ask him (which of course I do). 

This is the outside of the shop; a historic pink Victorian with green shutters--how perfect is that?
The owners live upstairs (so they really do have some interesting stories to tell about the ghostly goings-on that occur there).

Oh, and the books that are inside! The books, the books, the books!

Fuel for the book-lover's soul!

This friendly kitty is Callie (because she's a calico cat) and she followed me around and down to the basement, which houses the fiction books and classics. It's one of my favorite places to look for books in the whole shop, and Callie made it even better that day. She kept me company and also kept me safe from the ghost lady.
I love bookstore cats! Especially this one.

I thought this was funny.
These are all good things, but "Mormons" is of course my favorite.

The children's room is a bright, welcoming space that is a treasure trove of children's books. 
I love children's books and I really enjoy looking through the shelves and stacks here. I've made some great finds over the years.

Kids, please don't eat the books!

They make great use of the wall space in the children's room. 
I want to do this in my house!  

My love for Nancy Drew cannot be overstated. 
Part of me wanted to buy each and every Nancy Drew book there. If I had a daughter who loved reading as much as I do I may have done just that.

This cozy spot is where the rare and antique books are held.

These were two of my favorite finds that day.
I had finally watched Gone With the Wind for the first time just that week. I read the book a few years ago, but the movie is just as good (if not better). I remain unsatisfied, however, with the ending. I know that the sequel, though not written by Margaret Mitchell, will leave Scarlett and Rhett in a much happier place. They drive me nuts, and they belong together!

This is a delightful, sweet book with pop-outs that I found in the children's room. It's for the Cape house.

I love the haunted bookstore!