Monday, April 6, 2015

Afternoon at The Museum

Lest you think I was finished writing about Brewster...I'm not. Ha!

I'm giving The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History its own post because it deserves it! This is a great science and nature museum that has really cool things inside and out. I love its walking trails out to the tidal flats, which has always been my favorite thing about this museum. And as the kids and I discovered last summer, it has an excellent summer day camp program that the boys both enjoyed and learned a lot from last summer, especially John. I'm definitely going to sign them up for a week or two again this summer.

These pictures are from an afternoon last July when my parents, my sister Elizabeth and her two sons, and my two sons were there.

Checking out the avian life out in the trees. 

Sam and Rocco are about six months apart. How cute are they?

John loves his little cousin Shane. 

Little hands learning and exploring. I love this shot!

Shark Tank!

The Hall of Birds (as I call it).

Jellyfish are so cool. Just don't get stung by one. Their pretty, peaceful appearance is deceiving!

An incredibly rare blue lobster.

John in front of his classroom door for camp. 
He loves science, especially when it involves hands-on learning out in nature (which fortunately is where they spent most of their time).

Then we went for a walk out to the sea. It's about a 15-minute walk with kids.

This is what the tidal flats look like: sand, mud, water, sea grass, and sea. 
This was at low tide. If it had been high tide, it would have mostly been sand and sea. 

The shallow waters are usually teeming with hermit crabs, which the kids love to collect and then put back in the water before we leave.

Four blond boys who I love, love, love (and love. Can't leave one out!).

Examining (gently) a little hermit crab.
 The mud feels surprisingly wonderful between your toes in a satisfyingly squishy kind of way.

My boys and I.

 My dad and his four strapping grandsons.

 Elizabeth enjoyed a "fun" walk back to the museum since Shane cried and screamed bloody murder the whole way back. I guess he really didn't want to leave the tidal flats! Two-year-olds. LOL.

We made it back to the museum. Whew!

 It was a fun afternoon. This has definitely become one of my favorite places on the Cape!