Friday, December 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

For their Halloween costumes this year, John wanted to be the Hulk, and Sam wasn't sure what he wanted to be until we went to Costco and he looked at their costumes and decided he wanted to wear the Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume. Fortunately Costco also had a great Hulk costume, so their costumes were easy to find and get this year. The only snag was that there were no pirate costumes left in Sam's size, but we found a 3T/4T, so I got it since he still wore some 4T clothes. It fit him, but it was a little tight. But it worked and he was happy!

I took Sam to a few different Halloween activities in the area that he had a lot of fun at. He's at the perfect age for things like that. John is starting to outgrow them, and he was busy with other things anyway.

We went to a party at the community center where Sam had a blast finding this way through a dark maze and playing games and picking out little prizes.

Such a sweet little pirate!

We went to the Children's Museum, where they were doing special Halloween activities and the kids were encouraged to wear their costumes. 

A rare treat (get it?)--the train room to himself!

I told you he was a sweet little pirate (despite the previous picture!).

And we went to the Halloween-themed indoor gym playtime that he always has a fun time at. One of his favorite friends from preschool was there and they had a blast running around and playing together.

I went to Sam's preschool costume parade and Halloween sing-along, where cuteness abounded.

Sam and I went to John's school parade, where you'd never know it was John behind the mask... least from the front!  

I'm so glad that schools still make the time to do fun things like this. I remember doing Halloween costume parades when I was a kid and I have a very happy memory of going to school dressed as a pretty princess, and I loved every minute of it. I'm glad that my kids get to do that too. Not the pretty princess part, but the rest. :-)

The kids can't have all the fun!
I seriously crack myself up sometimes! #funwithselfies

This was my favorite purchase of the season.
A cute little witchy owl perched on a stack of books, AND mention of a haunted house!?
So perfect!

I think our neighbors need to call an exterminator...
They do this every year and it's really cool!

I didn't have giant spiders, but I did have what I think was a good idea for when the trick-or-treaters came by. That week I'd cleaned out our playroom closet and I'd found a tube of orange glitter that we'd had for awhile. I decided to use it up by sprinkling it all over our front stoop and steps. It looked really cool and glimmery, and it stood out especially well at night. The kids who came by loved it! They left a sparkling trail of glitter up the walkway from some of it sticking to their shoes. This might become an annual tradition. Fun, festive, and most importantly, easy!

It was very cold out on Halloween and I was so glad that Peter and my dad were taking the kids out for trick-or-treating. I will always prefer staying at home to give out candy.
Sam was such a happy, excited little pirate!
John was a grumpy Hulk, which was fitting, I guess. He was excited to go out too, though.

Peter happened to get a Hulk t-shirt at work that week for being some kind of a work superhero or something, so he wore that to match with John. It was a cute coincidence. 

 We had a happy Halloween!